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  • Why FairMoney

    Flexible interest rates

    We deliver to you the best rates depending on your profile. Your loyalty and history with FairMoney is rewarded with higher loan amounts and lower rates.

    Partner with India-leading NBFC Apollo Finvest

    FairMoney has teamed up with a leading Indian NBFC to give instant loans. We comply with all RBI guidelines with regards to digital lending

    Data & privacy

    We strongly believe in protecting your personal data and privacy. We use world-class solutions and will never sell your data to third parties. Your data is safe with FairMoney!

    Customer is king

    FairMoney is committed to support every customer in the best possible way. We will always be here to cover your emergencies or help you grow your business!


    FairMoney has partnered with Apollo Finvest India Limited, registered NBFC with RBI, to offer instant loans.


    FairMoney loans range from ₹750 to ₹50,000

    Loan terms range from 61 days to 180 days

    Annual interest rates (APR) range from 12% up to 36% with an equivalent monthly interest of 1% to 3%

    Processing fees range from 3% up to 12% (on which GST of 18% apply) at loan disbursement


    📋 An example of a FairMoney loan

    Borrow ₹5,000 at an APR of 24% (per annum) with tenure of 61 days and processing fee of 5%

    Interest = ₹5,000 x 24%/365 x 61 = ₹200

    Processing fee = ₹5,000 x 5% = ₹250 (on which GST apply of ₹45)


    Total amount disbursed will be ₹4,705 (₹5,000 - ₹295)
    Total amount to repay will be ₹5,200 (₹5,000 + ₹200) in two monthly repayments of ₹2,600

    Total cost of the loan will be ₹495 (including ₹95 of GST)


    Loan conditions may vary depending on your repayment history with FairMoney and your CIBIL score.